Adryanna Ciera transforms into bronze her intimate lifelong relationship with anatomy in motion. Working from her studio in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, Adryanna focuses on expressing those intangible qualities that make each sculpture stand out in unique and interesting ways.


When sculpting her horses with realism, yet often with an extreme expression of motion, Adryanna attempts to maximize the visual space occupied by her subjects. Emanating from a core of power and control, her subjects often burst forth into magnificent motion. The viewer's imagination is challenged to visualize why the subject created such an explosion of movement and to imagine how it will ever return to a position of rest…is the sculpture capturing a flight of fear or is it a burst of ecstasy…let your own imagination tell the story.


Art is memory. Adryanna's desire is for her work to bring the observer into the beauty of this particular moment in time. Or to inspire the viewer to seek their own unique connection that will evolve into the memory that is her sculpture. Adryanna strives to transport the viewer of her art to that place of deep joy that she feels in the creation of her works.


Her choice of subject matter and style has evolved from the intimate knowledge of the Arabian horse from her years of working with many of the finest Arabian horses in the United States. Her appreciation became a passion as she learned more about the disposition, abilities, willingness to please, playfulness and friendship that this amazing breed offers.


She hopes you will feel the powerful spirit and graceful magnificence of each animal in her collection; Arabian, Quarter horse, Mustang, any and all are unique and Beautiful.


Adryanna and Rob share their home with their beloved kitty, Cokyo.



What about horses inspires you?


They take my breath away. A beautiful horse, of any breed, makes time stop for me. The freedom, grace, elegance, spirit and Beauty of the horse inspires me like nothing else I know. Arabian Horses are my hearts delight, I've been blessed to know many of them personally and they've worked their way into my soul. I love their beauty, their presence, their playfulness, their willingness to please and their kindness. Watching them floating along in a high spirited trot, munching grass in a pasture or napping in the sun, it has the same effect on me…I get filled with awe and peace.







With my dad and Topper (my first pony.)



How does your artistic process evolve from an initial idea?


I think about a subject, and then imagine a whole story around it. I take the feel of that story and focus it into a picture in my mind and then sculpt the piece from that imagined story. For instance, my horse "Legacy" was an inner story about the wild mustangs of the southwest. I imagined a strong, beautiful and benevolent stallion chasing off a rival stallion. They fought, rearing, screaming, and running until Legacy drove the intruder away. Then he charged up the mountainside to his favorite lookout point to reassure his herd that all is well and that he still reigns supreme. I just saw him standing the way you see him in the sculpture.





Sedona Area Guild of Artists Invitational - Best of Show - "Legacy" -


Prescott Center for the Arts - "The Company of Animals" - 1st Place Sculpture - "Betsy & Ike" -


Sedona Arts Center 33rd Juried Member's Show - 2nd Place Sculpture - "Red Rock Hiker"


Sedona Winefest Fine Art Show & Exhibit - 2nd Place - "Pride of the Desert"


Sedona Arts Center 34rd Juried Member's Show - 2nd Place Sculpture - "Nature's Bounty"